Sibling Projects

In order to maximise the project impact on an environmental, economic and societal level, Perfecoat aims to aktively utilise synergies and foster close collaboration with related projects. These will include joint communication and dissemination activities but also close scientific exchange of the project partners. Meet our sibling projects.

Champion Project Logo


The objective of the CHAMPION project is to replace these existing materials with bio-based polymers – based on the aza-Michael addition reaction – that are suitable for high-performance applications. The applications will include coatings, textiles, home care (HC) formulation, and structural adhesives. Examples of uses would include kitchen counter coatings, car interior surfaces, laundry detergent and adhesives for industrial composites. The new materials will perform as well as, or better than, existing polymers from non-renewable sources while being circular by design. This will make them superior to current materials by ensuring that they are biodegradable and/or suitable for recycling. Testing of the new polymers with the desired functionality and sustainability characteristics is well underway, the project will end in May 2024.


The LIGNICOAT project aims to demonstrate technical and economic feasibility of the use of lignin as raw material to produce bio-resins for different applications in the field of functional and sustainable coatings