Webinar 4 “Safety and Sustainability – Assessments and Used Methodology“

Kamal Azrague (SINTEF) – LCA and Environmental impacts assessments in Perfecoat: Methodology and preliminary results

Andy Booth (SINTEF Ocean) – Safety and toxicity assessments and methodology

Assiya Kenzhegaliyeva (SINTEF Digital) – Social impacts and acceptance study of biobased solutions in Perfecoat: Methodology and preliminary results

Webinar 3: “Testing and Formulation – Reality Check for New Greener Ingredients”

Christine Louis (Evonik Coating Additives) – Formulation of paints and coatings

Eren Elik (Organik Kimya) – Introduction to Wall & Trim Paint Testing

Roland Steinrücken (Remmers) – Testing of UV curable wood coatings


Webinar 2: “Greener Ingredients for bio-based paints and coatings”

Amelie Skopp (Technical University Munich) – The beauty of “green” – rethinking an approach to bio-based ingredients

Srdjan Gavrilović (TalTech) – Greener ingredients for paints and coatings – biotechnology aspect

Anders Ødum (Chromologics) – Scale up of precision fermentation for bio-based ingredients


Webinar 1: “Towards bio-based paints and coatings – fundamentals and an introduction to the perfecoat project”

Christine Louise (Evonik Coating Additives) – Paint and Coating Fundamentals 

İlker Kocabıyık (Organik Kimya) – Introduction to Architectural Coatings and Review of Sustainability Trends  

Alexander Wentzel (SINTEF AS) – Overview of the PERFECOAT project and its approach and technologies